OTS West Marches

To the Tower!

First adventure out from Porto Sicuro

The following are the thoughts and notes of Braun Sotelia of Sumska Planina…..

I arrived in Porto Sicuro via the ship ‘Howling James’. Tis strange, I do not remember why I was on the ‘Howling James’, or why , for that mater, I was bound for Porto Sicuro. Alas, here I be, and I quickly found it to be rather boring!

In the center of town, is an Adventure Hall, ran by a haughty Gnome, goes by the name Higgy’. So’s he says that if’n I want sumptin to do, I best be heading out to the wilds surroundin the town, cause there be no fun to be had in town.

Wells… I knows how to swing me pick real good and such, but I’d like to learn a bit o magic. Nothing like them wizards and warlocks and whatnot, just a touch here and there to helps when I fight. Well ’lo and behold, there be a rumor of a tower a few days travel outside of town, and where there be towers, there be Magic!

Sos I asked around ifn’ there be any others looking to head out and explore the Tower, and I was joined by Gud (a ruddy little kobold), Star (a scaly Elf), Bastion’ (a balding priest), and Skrant (a quiet Cat type). Wells, we put together some rations and supplies, and off we went.

We were out ‘bout 5 days when we comes to this here dry river bed. we follows it north a bit and there be a stone bridge (of rather good quality) with this ’ere giant troll standing on it. This here troll says his name is ’Blorg’ and he demands a fee of 50 gold. Well wees figure that’s extortion, especially since wees don’t need to use the bridge cause the river be dry and such. But then Bastion’ goes and tricks Blorg into thinking his momma wants us to pass for free, and offn’ we go!

Then it starts rainin……..

Then wees found this camp, and the rain washed up this ’ere chest with some copper and silver init! wells we rebury it for the return trip and wees marches on.

Wells the next night, we ’eard this nasty sound, and sumone says that its a Manticore or sumpthin… Might have to come back and check that out.

A couple a days further on, wees come accross a Gnoll and some Hyena’s. Wells we go to war we these beasties and watnot, I’m bashing these things left and right, with star thowing fire this way and that, Bastion doing his best to not die (we used him as bait), and Gud did Good. But I don’t rightly know what possessed Skrant to take on that Gnoll all bys his’elf, but he did, and the next thing wees hear is this blood curdling screech, and that there Gnoll has Skrant’s throat in it’s maw. Wells we make short work of the Gnoll, and Bastion did his best, but alas, it was to late for Skrant.

Wells, we buried poor Skrant there under an Augite rock which is part of a circle like formation, and wees marked it and named the formation ‘Skrants Rest’. Wees then decided it be best to head back and resupply, and tries again.

Wells wees make it back to the camp, and wees get the chest and since I’m the strongest, I throws it upon my shoulders and aways wees go.

Wees about a few days outside of town when wees spy this giant rock like beast some called ‘Rhino’ but I thought was called ‘Snozzlepug’. Anyways, this ‘ere beatsie starts chasing after me, and befores I knows it, it jams it’s horn in me side and starts ta trample on me and such. Well Bastion, he heals me up ands I bash tis ’ere thingy, and then it horns me again! Well Luckily Bastion heals me up again, and then I bash good again, and down it goes.

Sos now me Armors needing repair, and I’ve got sum scarring on me side, but wees made it back to town. I’m gonna get with Calmil (the blacksmith) tos fix me armor. I feels like wees can try again to get to the Tower, and do a better job of it! I also hear that Skrants got a brother or sumthin in town, sos Im gonna get with ’im, and give ’im me condolences.



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